Guide to synthetic hair extensions, or how to create your own hairpiece - http://www.quinnster.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

Yet another way to personalize your character, giving it its own look or add to the realism of it. Some people have been known to use them right on the head, or cut them apart to give it a better look. Others have been known to use it to help keep the rest of the head on or cover the back of the head.

From: Stego
Most critter heads are just not going to conform to human cranial standards, and so you’ll probably need to cut the wig up. I went ahead and used a Synthetic Hair Wig on my femmewuff (B*tch), cutting out the hair pattern that I needed, and glued it in place on the head. Around the ears, I took several strips of the Hair (this wig used many strips of hair held together by a mesh) and glued those individually around the base of the ears. It worked great! Alot better than the Haloween wigs!

From: Simplicity
My advice, USE A WIG! Especially before you go out and buy yourself a ton of acrylic hair! Think of the wig as a pre-fab-ready-to-use bunch of hair! The wig structure underneath is so wonderfully pre-made..the hair’s all attached in strips, and the strips are all attached with a light webbing… making your own structure like this is REALLY time-consuming. I say find a wig that’s the right color, length, and style, or as close as you can get to it. Then lay the wig over the back of the mask and figure out how you want the hair to lay. Cut the piece for the back of the mask first, being sure to always cut where you can see the inside of the wig and also being careful to not cut the hairs onthe outside. Usually hair attached to the back of a mask will hang down, so you won’t need to worry about covering up the wig mesh underneath. Sew it/hotglue it/affix it however you want to the mask, and use the leftover pieces for bangs, or to add volume. Play and have fun!


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