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2566 - Hooded cape


5724 - Godzilla/dinosaur Makes an oversize bodysuit, that can be filled out even more.

6866 - rabbit

3084 - Hooded cape

The Green Pepper (found at JoAnn fabrics)

408 - Willamette Racing Suit
504 - Polar Socks
508 - Polar Paws


2108 - Misses' Catsuits (discontinued?) This makes three different catsuits, one with a hood, and two with mock turtleneck, with back or front zip.

2326 - Accessories (gloves, hat, cuffs, jabot, and shawl) This particular pattern uses 5 pieces for the gloves. One large piece for the fingers all the way down to the arm, three for between the fingers, and one for the thumb. This might be excessive to some, but if you're patient enough, you can make this.

2335 - Men's Wetsuit

2336/2337 - Unisex Boys' and Girls' Wetskin & UV Swimsuit (2336 fits sizes 4-5-6-7, 2337 fits 8-10-12-14) This makes a long and short leg/sleeve wetsuit, for use with under wetsuits, though this can be used to make a formfitting suit. One difference with this sort of pattern is that the sleeves do not end at the shoulder, rather, they go up higher, raglan-style or set-in, all the way to the neck. The lower part of the sleeve ends at the armpit, while the top part goes all the way to the neck.

2527 - Hats and Socks (adults and childrens sizes) Just what it describes. Makes a twisted 3-peak hat, fold-up cuff, double layer headband, hood that covers head and neck with eye openings, stocking cap, and single-layer socks.

3052 - Misses' Unitards Of the three it creates, one is a unitard with a stand-up collar, a front zipper extending into the collar, and full length sleeves.


4139 - capes

8953 - Adult's and kids' animal costumes This will make a bunny, bear, cat, lion, and kangaroo, and comes in kids and adults sizes.

9506 - elephant, cow, polar bear, pig - adult and child sizes - discontinued?

Simplicity (also known as New Look and Style)

9987 - Cloak and tunic patterns

9983 - Adults' Animal Costumes (discontinued) This pattern will make a cat, lion, rabbit, and bear bodysuit with hood. It comes in various sizes, though you may be able to size it down for a smaller person if need be.

9807 - Same as 9983 - discontinued?

9452 - Hooded cape

7825/7833 - Cowardly Lion - adult and kids version - discontinued?

Stretch & Sew

309 - Catsuits and Bodysuits (discontinued?) This makes a catsuit with a straight or stirrup leg, bodysuit with high or low cut leg, and all with either mock turtleneck or v-neck.


7949 - Makes wrist, elbow, shoulder, and gauntlet gloves.

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