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From: Deuce
Subject: Re: FL: Insect-proofing.

boogi wrote:

Damian, that brings up another issue of suiting as you said… How to
insect-proof your suit while it's in storage, since some heads and suit
parts will sit on the shelf for long periods of time. That adds another
subsection into section 31 on maintenance. What does everyone do to
prevent this?

The problem hasn't come up for me. Despite being stored for long periods, I haven't had problems of this type with my primary costume.

The best suggestion I can give is “make sure there's nothing that attracts bugs”. This means washing the costume before putting it in storage, so sweat and hair and skin flakes are removed as best possible. This means no bugs that eat such things, and fewer spiders and other bug-eating critters.

Storing in an airtight or mostly-airtight container would also reduce opportunities for bugs to enter, increasing shelf life.

Lastly, using biologically inert components (synthetics/plastics, instead of natural fibers or materials) prevents the costume itself from being a source of food.

Biggest problem is likely to be human residues, though.

From: Sardog
— boogi wrote:

The problem hasn't come up for me. Despite being stored for long
periods, I haven't had problems of this type with my primary costume.

Those are good suggestions, though there will be some insects that will
come around anyway. Some of us use trunks, which let in some air to an
extent. Moths are known for their eating some fabrics. What about cedar
shavings, mothballs, and in some cases, those things that remove moisture
from an enclosed item? Has anyone used similar things?

Although I haven't stored them this way for an extended period, but I installed several Rubbermaid wire racks (similar to the clothes racks in new home closests) in my project room.

It has been a great success!! It allows air to flow freely through the head. Although, bugs really haven't made it down into my basement.

Previous to this, my heads were stored on my tv cabinet, and surround sound speakers, without any problem.

From: Kamau
One of the things I use to keep moths and other insects out of my cloth is pipe tobacco. Sew up little 2”x2” bags, put some tobacco in and set it on the cloth. This is an old old trick from my grandparents but it works and smells a lot better then mothballs. It also seems to work on mice for some reason. I guess the vermin know the stuff not good for you as well as the docs.

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