Do's and Dont's

- no caffeine from 2 hours before you put on the costume until you take it off.
- go before putting on the costume
- Don't fear drinking lots of water - you WILL sweat it out.
- If you have to pee, stop drinking water and wait. Your body will reabsorb water from your bladder to use as sweat.
- a 6 hour run is not unreasonable if you time everything right.

Don't Laugh at this! Many costumes are flammable and there are mental defectives out there who think the idea of lighting a fursuit on fire is harmless fun. Fireproof the fur, test burn a scrap, educate your handler, have a fire extinguisher on hand where practical.

If you want to know what your fur is made with, a quick test burn of the fabric can tell you something - and

Anti-Fog methods/materials
1. rub a bar of ivory soap on lenses then buff til clear
2. or use white unscented candle as above
3. or can use a windshield product called Rain-X
4. or SCUBA divers anti-fogging products
5. or anti-fogging products for glasses

All tried and true methods tested by a raccoon friend Daren Bost.

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