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A different way of making your own breasts -

From: Steve Swope
Subject: RE: Skunk boobs

Robert Says:

Nora says

Robert: That's not quite how cup sizes work. They start with AA, then
A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, and, if I'm not mistaken, DDDD; and so on. There
are Es, Fs, and Gs as well that I know of.

ARRGGHH! That's about the fifth variation I've heard of the bra cup
sizing scheme! I'm beginning to believe there is no standard above D.
(I knew about AA, I just didn't mention it)

I found this :

BRA Cup Size

  If Bust is larger  |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
  than chest by      |0.5 | 1  | 2  | 3  | 4  | 5  | 6  | 7  | 8  | 9  | 10 | 11 |
  Your Bra cup       |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
  size is            | AA | A  | B  | C  | D  | E  | F  | G  | GG | H  | I  | J  |
Everybody agrees up through D - then things get wacko.

And several people have told me that DD was the same as E.

Another person told me that anything above DD was referred to as “custom”.

And, on the lower end of the scale, one occasionally (read RARELY) encounters a AAA. I believe that cup size may be reserved for so-called “training bras”; I've never seen it with a band size larger than 36. Also, I have no idea what the defining differential for it is (0.25“? 0”?).

I provide the above largely for its curiosity value, as it has little practical use in this context. (I suspect that, unless one uses VERY short fur, and a very close fit, anything less than a B would be functionally flat-chested for a furry.)

DD and E, DDD and F, FF and G, H and HH, I and II cups are all the same sizes.

Measure your chest under the arms and above the bust. Round to the nearest even number. This is your band size.

Measure your bust around the fullest part while wearing a bra that is not too small.

For example, if you measure 32 under the bust, and 36 over the bust, your bra size would be 32D. If you measure 33 under the bust, round it up to 34.



Webring on corsetry -

Absolute Corset's corset FAQ -

Romantasy's page on corset wear and care -

From: Robert C King
Subject: Fatima costume info

The following is a sort of log of fursuit and private email I've been exchanging between Nora and Bruce Mai and myself. I gathered it into one piece for those who might be interested. Thanks again Bruce and Nora! I'm mining info on Fatima to use on the Samantha costume.

Robert asks a whole bunch more questions and they are graciously answered…

Subject: Re:Construction stuph

Nora replies:

1. How many pieces are in the pattern for the Fatima bodysuit? I'm
weak at patterns and Candis is improvising, but I think we are
making some mistakes. Did you borrow from some readily available
pattern? Women's jeans?
The pattern would be really nice to have.

1. The bodysuit was based on a woman's bodysuit pattern (Butterick, I think, but any turtleneck, long-sleeved style will do.) Tabbe was based on the same pattern with suitable enlargements. Neither of ours has legs since in their clothes you can't see them anyway and the snap-crotch makes them a little easier to get in and out of. Also, they zip up the back. So you should be looking for a genuine body-suit pattern NOT a leotard (which has no fasteners of any kind and relies on being very stretchy to fit over any body protrusions.) Jeans? I'm confused. If you're referring to legs we don't have any (so to speak). the harem pants are typical if oversize and could easily be based on pajama bottoms.

2. What did you use for padding on Fatima - Fiberfill?

2.Padding: no, no fiberfill. The bust was padded out with foam rubber shoulders pads (oversize ones) and then contoured with quilt batting in layers.

3. How thick was the padding and where? I don't know what Nora's
figure is like, but guessing from the pictures and assuming Nora is
less voluptuous than Fatima, I'd say that you padded the breasts,
hips, and pubis to get the dramatic “hourglass”

3. I used the thinner batting, 1/2“, and layered it where I needed it thicker, that enabled me to achieve a smoother transition from one space to another. It does come thicker; Bruce used some that was 1” thick on some of Tabbe. As I said above, the bust was padded with two pairs of shoulder pads before I started adding the batting. There was also a built in bra (a real one) so that I wouldn't have to mess with another layer in dressing and so that I had something to stitch the cleavage down to. The hips and rear were also contoured with batting to make my waist look slimmer in proportion ( to get that exaggerated comic look).

4. What did you use for an inner liner? Cotton of some kind?

4. The liner was of swimsuit lining, a stretchy beige nylon tricot used to line white swimsuits (which become transparent when wet). Any color will do provided it is lighter than your exterior color (but not too much lighter). Cotton lycra would be better than what we used but was making itself scarce in our area at the time, also we were trying to think “thin” for the inner bodysuit. All of the padding was stitched to the inner suit. After we reached the proportions we desired, then we sewed the exterior furs in place. The exterior pieces were also based on the bodysuit pattern but enlarged (obviously). While the inner suit was sewn on machine, almost all the rest was done by hand.

Anything else? BTW, Have someone (your wife perhaps) help you learn to walk like a girl. We females have a different center of gravity as well as vastly different proportions. It will make a big difference in your believability. If you have any more questions, just ask; having to “reconstruct” Fatima mentally is something I should do so I remember everything I did. Feel free to transfer any of this construction stuff to Fursuit if you like.

Below are messages and suggestions from when Robert King was building Samantha Kemple, including some humor, what to do and not to do, and so on.

From: Robert C King
Subject: Samantha progress

Hi folks,
I'm starting to make progress on the Samantha costume again after a 2 month delay. Last Saturday I went to Cataclysm and saw a few fursuit members, including James Firmiss who showed us his new-improved Neikrad ear design - nice cloth sculpture elements there.
Sunday, BJ Stahlen and I got together to continue work on Samantha's body suit and padding. BJ unpinned the muslin and attempted to decypher, record, and adjust the pieces so we could use them as a pattern. They came out very asymmetrical which was worrysome.

Since I am still fine tuning the padding, and the pattern pieces came out so funky, we decided we are going to cut the fur with 1/2“ seam allowances. Then we will tighten/re-sew/adjust as we go.

(We considered doing a prototype suit out of material with the same stretch as the fur, but decided it would add LOTS of time and that the fur didn't cost THAT much more than a suitable substitute with similar stretch)

While BJ was unpinning, trimming, marking, and cursing, I resumed work on fine tuning the padding. I was able to reduce the “Laugh factor” (The Laugh factor is how much the outfit looks like a guy in drag - I've found that people who cannot identify what is wrong still intuitively know that something is wrong.) I completed the pad which provides the “Tummy bulge” at the front of the pelvis - this fixed one of the subtle flaws which added to the Laugh Factor.

From: Robert C King
Subject: Re: Samantha seam allowances

Bruce warns:

Um….you may be pushing your luck with only 1/2” seam allowances,
Robert. If you'regoing to be monkeying around that much with it,
you'll want to give yourself plenty of room for errors. Start with
5/8“ or more. I can think of a project or two where if I'd not had that
much, I would've had no seam allowance at all and have to patch.

BJ plans to join the pieces with furrier's seams (abutting, with no waste) (at least for the FINAL seams)

We will probably throw it together with a loose, easy to rip type of stitch at first to verify/correct the pattern but she is confident that 1/2 inch on each piece means that each seam will add 1 inch to the size. And there are plenty of seams.

By the way–vas ist das “tummy bulge”? Is Samantha slightly overweight?

Nope. Just female. Maybe “tummy bulge” is misleading. I've also heard the term “Belly Swoop”. It's the convex area below the belly button behind which the uterus lies. If the bulge is missing, something looks wrong, but it is hard to figure out what - unless you already know.

For example, look at the area just below the belly button: On a man, that area is usually pretty flat. On a woman it tends to be convex. Next time Nora comes over and sits naked on your keyboard, check it out :)

Or another way to look at it is that a woman's pelvis is proportionately wider front to back as well as side to side, contributing to this. (The “hour-glass” figure refers to a 3D shape as well as a front profile)

Actually, I just looked at a picture of Fatima from Conadian, and one can see the belly swoop clearly.

As I was carving the pad for Samantha, I started with a large piece of foam and worked my way down (cutting is easier than glueing). I put in a too-large early version and BJ said “Nice, but you're three month's pregnant”


Samantha Kemple construction details

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