Head Furring

From: Lex Nakashima
Subj: Laying fur onto stuff

Re: putting fur on stuff: A lot of this depends on what the “stuff” is. It is difficult to hair-punch into a thick latex mask (as you have already discovered). [by the way: it will significantly increase the strength of your mask if, after you main slush coats, you put a final layer of latex-soaked burlap or cloth on the inside of the mask. This also helps to give the mask a little more lateral strength.]

There are four main techniques that I know of: Fur-laying (yes, yes, very funny), flocking, gluing, and hair punching.

(Note: Lex's messages continue, in the first part of each section, before more items are added.)

When furring, you need to remember where the fur flows.
- Away from the nose and eyes, upwards between the eyes
- Towards the back of the head, and down to the neck
- earfur will flow upwards






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