Fursuit Faq Introduction

This is the fursuit FAQ; FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions. This guide originally started out as a series of questions and answers compiled by Robert C. King. Now, boogi, with some help from YappyFox and others, have been doing a rewrite and have put it into a more readable form with much expanded coverage and added material. All of us involved in the original FAQ and the rewrite hope you find this compilation useful.

Note to the first-time reader and/or fursuiter/costumer - there is a lot to be covered here, and it will all seem overwhelming and confusing. Don't take it all at one time. Rather, start at your own pace, work with other suiters/costumers, ask questions, surf the web, attend a convention, and play with things on your own. Your learning and skills will improve over time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This FAQ does not cover sexual topics because it is a general guide that takes no position on the matter. (courtesy of JinxTiger. Thanks for writing this little blurb!)

Why is the FAQ set up the way it is?
The maintainer has many reasons to do it this way. It's not because of laziness. There are visitors who have low or no vision, and cannot quite view the graphics-, flash-, and script-laden pages of many websites out there. Their screen readers will not read the graphics out to them, just the text. You can imagine how frustrating it is for them when they come across a site in all Flash, and no text to guide them through.

The maintainer has received comments from some of those with visual difficulties, both in email and instant messaging. All have said that the FAQ is one of the more easily readable sites out there, and the links to the graphical areas are clearly marked as so.

What does it mean for the future of the FAQ? It will always be readable and accessible to everyone. There is no need to turn the entire FAQ into a graphics-heavy document. Sure, some pics are good, but not when you have so many in a page that it overwhelms the text. ASCII text pictures are ok, and it can help if you have a regular picture linked.




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