Rulok's page on how he did his own wings -

Ever seen those signs around town, nailed to phone poles? Here's a way to make wings from them -

Making dragon wings including other neat things -

Eden's Messy Looking Tutorial On How To Make Gargoyle Wings! -

Iolanthe/faerie wings - and

Visual wing resources -

Giant mechanical bat wings shown at the Burning Man festival -

Dragon wing tutorial via 3D Cafe software. Very nice! -

Wings and Costumes - contains design suggestions! -

Wings at Renfests - way nice! -

Spotlight on Elwing the White (writeup on wing anatomy with design suggestions) -

Nightlyre's Nevar bird costume with arm wings -

Wing drawing tutorial, but great for wing planning -

Wing tutorial (for those who want the smaller versions) -

Making fairy wings -

More fairy wings -

Static/Non Moving



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