Storing and transporting costumes

The Container Store's trunks and footlocker selection -

Check pages 3 and 5 as they can easily be used on planes. Page 3 can be found at Walmart, Target, and maybe some hardware stores. The smaller versions of the trunks on pages 1 and 2 can be found at Target. However, if you fly, the TSA in the US may destroy their locking mechanism if they have to get into it to inspect the contents. Go with the trunks on 3 and 5.

Rubbermaid's website has the Actionpackers many suiters use -

REI has Actionpackers also -

From: Sardog
Subject: FL: Eureka! Costume Storage Solutions
OK, so, the wife's away and the Dog will play. :) Last year we built a new house, and, over the course of the winter I finished a 12'x16' room in the basement as my computer room/costume room/project/whatever I need to put in it room.

I added a big closet, and, have been looking at ways to store the heads we have. (six and counting…)

So yesterday I spent hours wandering the local hardware stores (saturday tradition) and was in the process of buying shelves that I could cut down and custom build what I wanted when I found a “Rubbermaid” slim line storage shelf.

Now, if you wander around the kitchen/closest storage section at your local home depot, you'll find lots of clothes racks, with bars for hangers underneath.

Since I had a roughly 48“ storage closet, with the rack placed especially high to allow the costumes to hang without touching the ground, I knew I didn't want to have more clothes racks, especially in an exposed room with nice flooring, etc. I also knew that since I was proud of the mascots, that I wanted the heads out to display them.

Well, this slim line rack is the absolute answer. Although, granted it still looks storage closet-y, and I doubt it would effectively accomodate Street Characters super humongous style heads, it very nicely will accept Latinvixen/White fox style heads. Since the rack is made of 1/16” or so steel bars, it allows *TOTAL* air flow into the heads, which will help with drying and odour concerns.

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