Animals, even domesticated pet animals, can be rather unpredictable around costume characters, so you will have to be careful around them at times. Pet owners have mentioned that their pets have been known to do anything from just plain sniffing to nearly attacking them. Sometimes it helps to let them look at the suit and/or suit parts as you build them.

Cats have been known to;
o take a look at you and ignore you
o get all poofy til you let them take a closeup look/sniff at you
o just plain run away
o carry the suit pieces somewhere
o sleep on them
o in extreme cases, actually spray or take a piss on the suit

Dogs can be like cats. Some will get that curious look and sniff you up. Some will go bonkers when you put your head on, barking their head off.

Other animals will do weird things like just walking up to you as if you're one of them.

Santa Fox says: I've worked around a variety of animals while in costume with good success. The key is to keep an eye on the animal and watch for signs of the animal being uncomfortable or nervous. It's much like dealing with a small child - the more nervous or uncomfortable the animal, the more you need to keep your distance. On the other hand, some animals can be really friendly - too friendly even. In that case, just take it in stride and try to make the most out of it - if you can play up a dog wanting to romp with you and gain a few laughs from your audience, more power to you :-)

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