Since large amounts of money are on-site, there are also security cameras as maybe security guards. boogi made the mistake of going inside in full costume and makeup (headpiece with makeup) one time, and luckily, nothing happened. A couple of the workers recognized him and warned him not to do it again, telling him to go through the drive-through rather than doing it in person.

There was an episode of COPS (US TV show) where a number of officers with their guns out, had brought down a clown coming out of a bank after making a deposit. After awhile, they had to let him go since it was not the person they wanted. In the meantime, the guy hammed it up for the cameras while an officer went through his *MANY* pockets while laying on the ground, while sitting on the ground, and in the back of the police car.

In short, go *ONLY* on invitation in suit to these sites. You may have to suit up on site in the building rather than elsewhere to prevent problems.

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