Talking in Suit

Many people have asked about this particular subject of talking in suit. Many answers were given

- Articulated jaw which moves with your own while you talk
- no talking but with an open jaw
- If you talk, you could use a voice changer, though some suit designs may muffle or distort your voice. You may have to talk louder.

From Frysco;
James McMurrin wrote:

I must be the only one who actually speaks while in my suit.

Cool…..I'm a unique suiter.

Not quite unique, though relatively rare. I believe you can add Rapid T
Rabbit to that, and I know from experience that you can add Loriana to

There isn't a hard and fast rule about speaking while in costume. There are suggestions to do with what looks 'right' and what just sounds 'weird'.

Nowadays, a lot more people have costumes with working jaws. These track the movements of the wearer's mouth relatively well and when the person is talking, the costume jaw moves too. They're designed for the wearer to be able to speak if they so choose.

On the other hand, you have costumes where the jaw doesn't move. It both looks and sounds weird to have a voice come from a costume where the mouth doesn't move. Some people don't care about that when they wear a costume though. It's a personal preference.

There isn't really a right and wrong way - but it is _suggested_ that if you have a costume where the mouth doesn't move and you're out at an event (such as a baseball mascot day, or kids festival, etc) that it looks better if you're silent in suit.

boogi also mentioned that there will be those who may need/want to lipread the wearer of the suit while in costume. They can either have their jaws articulated or partially open to allow for lipreading. If the wearer knows sign language, and the suit allows it, it can be used.

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