Made by SC Johnson, this is a medical grade product that is sold in spray cans. It's been known to destink, and kill the germs that make the sweat odor. It's been called Lysol on steroids, because it's strong stuff. It's got various other uses as well.

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*BIG REVELATION TIME!* For those of you who can find it, try getting a hold of a product called “ENDBAC”. It is the disinfectant from hell (or heaven, depending). It kills all germs, and several communicable diseases (read the “what I kill” on the can–very impressive!) and virtually eliminates any of the little bugs/bacterium that create most of the stink. A minor miracle, if you ask me. Now, as to where you might find it: a VERY good costume supply store might carry it (Western Costumes, in Los Angeles, has it). Medical or hygiene supply stores might also carry it (but probably not the local drugstore: this is definitely an industrial item!). Caution: use it outside, or well-ventilated area, and wear a mask. It has a powerful initial stink itself (only while you're spraying it), and tastes terrible. Last August, a friend of mine was working in the deserts of Tuscon, dressing up actors in big, rubbery kangaroo costumes, and Endbac'd them every night. Despite the high temperatures and extended use, they were virtually stink-free! (And, boy, it was apparently VERY easy to tell when they missed a suit…). Hosanna!

Endbac only comes in the 16 ounce spray cans. The company, SC Johnson, used to make the gallons, before discontinuing it for some reason. Damn marketers…

A more common kind of spray used in households to freshen the air, as well as spray on fursuits.

Similar to Lysol, also takes out the smell.

Lysol and Febreze are sold internationally.

Fresh Again

Other deodorizers?

From: TigerTim
Subject: Re: FL: End Bac????…and costume cleaning

At 02:22 AM 8/20/99 , BJSnark wrote:

boogi writes:
EndBac's more of a heavy-duty spray that destinks items after they've
been worn for awhile. Some people could say it's the equivalent of
Lysol or Febreze on steroids.

Important distinction: both EndBac and Lysol are antibacterial
agents that KILL the icky little bugs that MAKE the stink. Febreze
simply neutralizes the odiferous molecules those buggers produce.
EndBac is a medical-grade antibacterial agent, as I understand, and a
whole lot more effective;

Hibitane and providone-Iodine are two other hospital grade disinfecting agents. Providone-Iodine will, however, stain fabric but it does destroy viruses. Hibitane has a pleasant smell, non-staining, and diluted as recommended, seems to be harmless to fursuit materials.

In an emergency, good ol alcohol, either isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) or ethyl (methylated spirit), diluted 50-50 with water kills bugs quite well too and the smell is reasonably pleasant.

(Maintainer's note: Providone-iodine may also be known as povidone-iodine, commonly found in various stores' medical supply, but called Betadine.)

From RTRabbitNY
Subject: Another generic End-Bac

Thanks to Damian K., we now know of another generic brand label version of End Bac. If you're in the New York City metropolitan area, you can pick up a 12 oz. can of Duane Reade Fresh Linen Antibacterial Spray Disinfectant for $2.99 from Duane Reade pharmacy stores througout the NYC region. It's identical in formula to End Bac and the Great Value brand of the same labelled spray sold by WalMart.

You can even order cans of the spray from their website
Be sure to look/ask for the *Fresh Linen* spray, *not* the Country version.

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