Planning a Fursuit

This is one of the more difficult things to do. How do you want it to look? Do you have a drawing, or a plan on how it will look? Does it show 'you' in the suit giving approximate dimensions, etc?

Types of Fursuits

Purchasing Fursuits

Anatomy and References

Digital Morphology - xrays and pics of animal skeletons -

Timduru's page of pics of animals from zoos and related -

A site on animal pics for references -

Veterinary charts, may be good in some cases -

Animal pictures at Sunet's site -

Costume Network - magazine and gallery featuring unique and fantasy costumes -


LiveJournal's Fursuiting For All -

Julie Zetterburg's costume pages from A to Z -

Courtesy of Tashta, site on making various suit parts -

How to get a head without hunting - Nice site! -

Though non-fursuit related, an interesting page on how this guy made some costumes. Some can be applied to suits -

SuperJay's site with lots of links to other suiter's sites, great for visual references and other helps -

Durin's page on some interesting methods of making a skunk fursuit -

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